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San Francisco's Chinatown A Perfect City For Foodie

What Makes San Francisco’s Chinatown A Perfect City For Foodie: A Video

San Francisco is  known world-wide for its magnificent tourist attractions and one of the most visited attractions is Chinatown. Chinatown is popular for its heritage and culture so are its bakery stops and Chinese cuisine. There is no denial that Chinatown is a perfect host for foodie, who is willing to treat his taste buds.

Click on the video given below and discover amazing food places of San Francisco’s Chinatown.

Here are the some world renowned eating stops of Chinatown:

Stop 1: Eastern Bakery
Eastern bakery is centrally located in Chinatown, so it is easily accessible to every possible visitor.They have a huge selection of Chinese sweet treats. On your trip to San Francisco, you must try lotus moon cake and coconut moon cake. Specialty of eastern bakery is  moon cakes.

Stop 2: Great Eastern
Great eastern is famous for mouth watering dim sums. You can’t leave the restaurant without trying steamed pork buns. This can be your one stop shop for traditional and authentic food.

Stop 3: House of Nanking
House of Nanking is world famous for a delicious lunch. on your  San Francisco day tour visit Chinatown and don’t miss to try sesame chicken of house of Nanking.

Stop 4:  Fortune Cookie Factory
Speciality : The Future

Best Food Places in San Francisco That Every Foodie Must Visit Once

Best Food Places In San Francisco That Every Foodie Must Visit Once: An Infographic

As you undoubtedly agree, one of the best parts of traveling is eating and experiencing local food. But finding the best local food in town is not so easy. San Francisco is a destination with a wide variety of restaurants catering different cuisines and offering their specialties. San Francisco can claim to be one of the city which has everything to offer, from dishes to snacks to drinks at some of San Francisco’s most authentic cafes and bars.

If you feel you are feeling hungry in the mid of the hectic day or you craving for delicious food with reasonable price Kate’s Kitchen is the only place to go. Coffee shops popped up on every street of San Francisco, but blue bottle coffee is a place you can’t miss to grab iced coffee or macchiatos. While exploring San Francisco’s major attractions don’t forget to try mouth watering dishes at San Francisco’s popular cafe.

Treat your taste buds with the San Francisco’s food and drinks just by visiting these cafes and bars mentioned in infographic by Marriott.

San Francisco Food Places