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Union Square

6 Must-Try Places For Lunch In Union Square

Union Square is the most highly trafficked areas in Northern California that offers plenty of mouth watering cuisines to it’s visitors. So, whenever you take a sightseeing tour in San Francisco  don’t forget to visit Union Square for tasting the best food ever.

Below is our list, but you can check out other places too to satisfy your hunger in Union Square by watching this video by Jenna Kaufmann.

It’s on the top of the bucket list. Mocca is famous for outdoor dining on the Maiden Lane with lots of tables and this gives European feel. Indoors you will find more tables on a marble floor. Highly busy at lunchtime. Warm chicken breast salad, sandwiches, pasta, pastries cookies, cappuccino, cocktails, wine and beer are famous here.

Café Claude
Cafe Claude is distinct and unique in character. Café Claude evacuate a lively sense of escapism and a freindly atmosphere with approachable French fare and a warm service staff.

Café de la Presse
Café de la Presse is a Parisian-inspired café with panache, including a tremendous selection of magazines and newspapers from almost all over the world.
It is one of Union Square’s most popular dining place. It serves breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner.

Café La Taza
Their wide-ranging menus offer a variety of creative and classics dishes to choose from. Their breakfast specials and savory sandwiches include chicken Curry, Beef Brisket, Mango Pork Loin and Pulled Pork as well as classics like their La Taza Club and B.L.T.

Macy’s San Francisco’s Delicious Asian Box
It Offers Plenty of seating, and communal tables that is just perfect for groups. Quick, casual but healthy dining option are available here that are just perfect.. Asian Box uses fresh, sustainably raised and locally grown ingredients that completely suits San Francisco lifestyle.

Le Colonial
Le Colonial, is just a minute away from the popular Union Square in San Francisco’s downtown district and it offer’s fresh rice paper vegetarian rolls with coconut flakes, shittake mushrooms, basil, chayote, tofu and peanut sauce.