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Kids View: Places To Visit In San Francisco

Kids View: Places To Visit In San Francisco

Worried about the things to do with kids in San Francisco! SF abounds with lots of things to do, places to go and sights to see. With plenty of attractions it is hard to determine the best thing to do in San Francisco with kids.

Know about the San Francisco places from kids by watching the video below by Bound Round.

Here is the complete list of the attractions and activities that you and your kids can enjoy on a private family tours of San Francisco.

Exploratorium: It is a educational museum for kids of all ages. Here you can explore hundreds of exhibits where you get to learn things such as what causes earthquakes, how do electricity works etc. It’s a tremendous way to spend your day with kids in San Francisco.

Golden Gate Bridge: If you and your kids love biking then Golden gate Bridge is the right place, you can rent a bike for the day and bike over the bridge. Spend some time walking across the bridge to get a exceptional feel for its size.

Alcatraz Island: Kids find it bit scary but they learn more about the history of the island. National Park Service staff offer plentiful free programs all over the day on a variety of topics like escapes, military history and natural history, etc.

Angel Island National Park: Angel Island national park is in the middle of the San Francisco Bay. It is a great way to enjoy a sunny afternoon in the city.

San Francisco Giants Baseball Park: It is a kind of attraction that can not be found elsewhere in the world. It is designed specifically for, the giants, baseball fans and the for the people to enhance a day at the ballpark.


Visit Redwood Forest With Kids

Visit Redwood Forest With Kids To Double The Adventure: A Video

Get away from the populated and noisy city and relax in the stunning redwood forest of Muir Woods.  Exploring the Redwood forest provides a terrific opportunity to see the oldest tress on the planet. Take your kids to the redwood forest and create unforgettable memories and learn secrets of the woods. Visit to the majestic forest and let your kids do climb and slide over giant trees.

Walk or Drive Through The Redwood Forest To Explore This Majestic Beauty

The best way to explore the redwood forest is a long walk or drive with your kids. Your kids will be amused to embrace nature and rejuvenate among those tallest trees. Most of the trees are 800 years old and some may be beyond 1000 years. These giant trees are the shelter of raccoons and bears for many years. Besides, giant trees, this forest are rich in other amazing plant life. On your delightful San Francisco Sausalito tours explore the enclave of  Sausalito with your gems. Visit to the redwood forest and explore the nature’s side.

Go through the video given below and get an idea to entertain and inspire kids on the San Francisco Muir Woods tours.